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Accommodation in a building with history!

Arethusa hotel is housed in an atmospheric building, aged 130 years. The construction of the building dates back to 1880. Initially, it was used as a raisin processing factory under the name "Chest Makers and Raisin Processors Association".

Before the second world war, during 1915-1938, the raisin export had flourished which lead in selling 3,000 tons of raisins annually. Since the beginning of the war, in 1940, the raisin production ceased completely. During 50s and 60s the factory changed completely. The building was renovated and rented by a family which operated the warehouses but reduced a lot the raisin production.

In 1989, the building was sold and renovated again. 10 years after, the building looked like a hostel, hosting its first guests. It is worth noting that, since its construction, the building has never been demolished!

Walk through the village with the friendly people!

The first mention of Katakolon is around 1850. According to older villagers, the area was originally inhabited by residents of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and other villages close to Pyrgos. Features of this small community are the great and gradual export of raisin and its welcoming people.

Discover the legend of the name!

Arethusa, the daughter of Nereus and Doris, was the companion of the goddess Artemis and the nymph of every source and every forest. Arethusa, in a effort to avoid the fluvial god Alpheus, who loved her madly, crossed the sea that separates Peloponnese and Sicily and arrived to an island near Syracuse, named Ortygia. There, she was transformed in "source" rich in limpid water by Artemis Goddess. Then, God Alpheus transformed into powerful undersea river to unite his waters with those of the source Arethusa. His impetuosity was so great that not even Adriades (Adriatic Sea) could prevent him.


  • At seaport of Katakolon
  • 25 km from Ancient Olympia
  • 10 km from the city of Pyrgos
  • 3,5 hours from Athens
  • 45 minutes from the airport of Araxos
  • 1 hour from the airport of Kalamata